The TRACTIONLINE winch assist system is a constant tension dual line winch assist system proving to be a very positive solution to steep slope forestry harvesting and construction applications. When we use the term “constant tension” this means the lines are always tight, even when sitting still on the slope. This constant tension control system keeps the Steep Slope Machine (SSM) secure on the slope and maintains operator selected tension at all times. The constant tension system speed matches with the SSM machine also. In short the SSM machine operator simply places the system in AUTO mode and the Tractionline does the rest, this allows the operator to focus on cutting trees. All winch functions are controlled from the right hand joystick so the operator’s hands can stay on the joysticks for better comfort and productivity. 

The Tractionline system is designed with a 5:1 safety factor on all components where the industry standard is 3:1.  Along with the 5:1 safety factor the Tractionline system has multiple safety redundancies including a backup and emergency braking systems. The Tractionline winch assist system is the safest and most productive system on the market today. 

The Tractionline winch assist system also features a reversed bucket design for unparalleled holding capacity, a lower swiveling sheave assembly that allows the SSM to work at right angles and large throat lower sheaves that allow the chains to pass through the sheave at full tension.  These design features make for less set-ups and the ability to work at right angles from a narrow road surface. 

Feedback from the folks that have operated a competitive product and now are operating the Tractionline winch assist system has been extremely positive with comments like “I can’t believe how stable my felling machine is when attached to the Tractionline” We also hear “it’s like operating on flat ground” and “I just never get slack in the lines like I did with my old system”

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