The HAWKEYE motorized hydraulic grapple carriage is a heavy duty, robust, purpose built carriage for grapple yarding. It features three high resolution cameras providing the operator with front, rear and downward views. In grapple yarding, vision is everything for fast cycle times. Multiple camera views also help the operator to prevent collisions with stumps or other obstacles when operating in low lift conditions.

The Hawkeye carriage has two grapple options, the 68” grapple which is designed to be used with the Harvestline mobile yarder and a 100” version to be used with swing yarders or traditional tube type yarders. All Hawkeye carriages feature an auto clamp function on grapple close to maintain clamping force on the logs and fast open/close cycle times.

The Hawkeye with the 100” grapple is designed to be used in a North Bend operation, this configuration allows for the main drum to raise and lower the carriage with more control. The 100” version comes with a large diameter top sheave. The large diameter wide throat sheave allows the sheave to pass over shackles to facilitate getting rigging to the back end. The 100” version is also designed for drifting as it has swiveling connection points for the Haulback line when drifting the carriage laterally.



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