Exclusive Distributor

Technical Forest Solutions LLc (TFS) is the exclusive North American distributor for Electrical & Machinery Services LTD (EMS) located in Rotorua New Zealand. EMS is a well known leading manufacturer of specialized forestry harvesting products used globally. TFS provides distribution of the EMS product line in the United States and Canada through a network of dealers. Please contact TFS if you need help finding a dealer in your area.

Cutting Edge Technology

TFS was established in 2015 to market and support new innovative harvesting products for North America. We are dedicated to improve safety in the forestry industry through cutting edge technology and mechanization. The TFS founding partners have been in the logging industry for over 50 years and operate a successful and well respected harvesting operation in Washington and Oregon.  The industry is evolving to meet demands and challenges posed by markets, workforce, safety and sustainability. Customers rely on our leadership and experience to help them achieve new levels of operational success utilizing the EMS product line.

Advancing the Industry

Technical Forest Solutions proudly distributes the EMS Tractionline dual line winch assist system, the Harvestline hydraulic interlocked yarder and Hawkeye motorized hydraulic grapple carriage. We believe these products as well as future products will help advance the timber harvesting industry. While the Tractionline winch assist system developed for forestry applications, this product is now being used in the construction industry.

Steep Slope Logging

Technical Forest Solutions (TFS) specializes in the Steep slope harvesting for the forestry industry. While our products were first used in forestry applications, the Tractionline winch assist system is also being used in construction industry. Constructions folks are also seeing the benefits for winch assist when working on steep slopes. TFS was established to market and support steep slope harvesting machinery so our customers can work safely and increase production on steep slopes.

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